The Jones County Chamber is launching a new program for EMERGING PROFESSIONALS in Jones County to connect — Jones CO.nnect!


WHAT is Jones CO.nnect?
Jones CO.nnect is a new benefit for Jones County Chamber members that will be an opportunity for employees with high growth potential to participate in ongoing professional development and networking programs. Those interested will need to enroll in the program, additional info available soon, to receive exclusive updates and access to the program.

WHY should emerging professionals enroll?
#1, it is a FREE benefit included with your annual Chamber membership! Plus, your employees will have access to new connections, information and training that they will be able to leverage in their everyday professional spaces. This is also another way that you can invest in your rising talent and support the next generation of Jones County leaders.

WHO may participate in Jones CO.nnect?
Employees with active and current Chamber members are eligible to participate. There is NO AGE RESTRICTION to attend programs, but individuals who have aspirations to sharpen leadership and relationship development skills will reap the most benefits from participation.

How do I enroll?
Join us for the Launch Party on July 30! The launch party is FREE to attend for active Chamber members. Employers and interested Jones CO.nnect members are invited to attend to learn more about the program and planned events for the fall.

Register to attend the July 30 event HERE

If you can not attend, please e-mail Amanda Roll to be added to the Jones CO.nnect group to receive updates and access to the Facebook page.